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Terms of Use is a business marketplace that sells Classified Ads. Yip Yak allows sellers to place ads to help find potential buyers for their products. The Site is governed by these Terms of Use and its Privacy Policy. Any person or parties using this Site is hereby agreeing to abide by these Terms of use and Privacy Policy (together known as Terms). The Site reserves the right to change these Terms at any time and without notice or permission. All changes of Terms will be posted to the Site and All parties using this Site are responsible to review these Terms to stay current with any changes. Your continual use of this site, means you have accepted all new Terms as posted.

Use of Site

ALL ads that are posted will be considered non confidential and non proprietary to the seller. The Site is in NO way responsible for any information posted nor is the Site liable for any misrepresentations posted or for seller’s ability to deliver goods offered. In addition, Site takes NO responsibility for confirming that any buyer is capable of paying for any goods they make an offer to buy. ALL responsibilities on any transactions that take place between buyers and sellers is the total responsibility of those buyers and sellers.

ALL users of this Site agree to comply with the following:

1) There will be NO adult materials, content or services posted on this site.
2) There will be NO posting of ads for any types of guns, weapons, firearms or ammunition.
3) There will be NO posting of any ads offering any illegal drugs or narcotics.
4) There will be NO posting of ads for any items that are prohibited by Federal, State or City laws
5) NO ad should use any language that is derogatory, sexual in nature, vulgar, discriminatory or for any reason would offend any individual or company.
6) NO user, seller or buyer, should threaten, harass, embarrass, discriminate or cause any type of mental stress or discomfort to another party.
7) NO user should discriminate in selling or buying products due to race, religion, nationality, age, gender or any other reason.
8) NO job positions offered should discriminate in any fashion and for any reason.
9) NO user shall attempt to change, damage, or misdirect any of the site’s software, any content or ads posted on Site.
10) NO user should try to hack, attack, redirect any data or content on this site. NO user should use any spiders, crawlers or any other method to misdirect software or information on this site or to the detriment of any of Site’s users.
11) NO user shall use any method to damage this Site or disrupt the service and function of this Site or to cause any harm to any of its users.
12) NO user shall attempt to gain access to any non published or non published areas of this Site or do any thing that would disrupt the service of this Site.
13) NO user shall attempt to change the content of any information or ad posted on this Site.
14) NO user shall intentionally post any Ad that is misleading, false, fraudulent, illegal or for products that do not exist.
15) ALL users agree to follow all laws, statues and procedures that would be associated with the use of this Site.
16) ALL sellers are responsible for any content posted in their ad and they are responsible to monitor those ads to make sure NO changes have been made to their ad and their offerings.
17) ANY user placing ads, authorizes Site the right upon hitting “Submit” to charge their credit card for all charges as agreed to. We will take all precautions possible to only do transactions through secured servers as to protect our users. NO refunds are issued for ads that are deleted or removed for breach of these Terms.

ALL users must comply with all of these Terms when posting an ad or when communicating with sellers and buyers. The Site has the right to remove any ad or end one’s membership for any violation of these Terms. If an ad is removed for violating Terms, NO refund of ad will be given.

ALL users shall review the Privacy Policy of Site which is a part of these Terms.

The Site has the right to change fees for posting of all ads. On any ad posted, if a seller cancels the ad or an ad is removed for any reason, there will be NO refunds given.

ALL users understand and agree that the Site takes NO responsibility to the content posted on any ad. We do not guarantee or warrant the honesty, accuracy, fairness, credibility or existence of any product, request or service being offered on this Site nor do we warranty the security of any site that a seller, buyer or advertiser may suggest or induce you to visit. We also do not guarantee or warrant the honesty, accuracy, fairness, credibility or existence of any buyer and their ability to purchase any item form this Site. It is the TOTAL responsibility of ALL sellers and buyers to use their own due diligence before entering into any transaction based on information they received from this Site. Under absolutely NO circumstances will this Site be responsible for any transaction that takes place between parties using this site or from information gathered from using this Site. We also will not become involved in any disagreements or disputes any parties may have with another party based on information or content obtained from using this Site.

YOUR acceptance of these Terms, releases the Site as well as all employees or associates of Yip Yak from any dispute, claims, demands or damages that may have arisen from the use of this Site.

USE of this Site is at one’s own risk. The Site makes NO warrants about content posted or ability for sellers to deliver goods offered or buyers to pay for good they agree to buy. The Site also makes NO warrant about any party that places ads or advertisements and takes users to a new site or third party site. Site does not accept any responsibility for any information, content, offers or endorsements that these other sites may refer or offer users. All users enter these sites at their OWN RISK. Any user who does not agree with any of these Terms or does not accept what their responsibilities are as users or understand that the Site has NO liability for the content posted or for any transaction that takes place, is welcome to cancel their membership and not use this site..

ALL Terms of this Site will be governed under the Laws of Florida and Dade County, Florida. If any dispute does arise, all parties agree to arbitration in Dade County, Florida and both parties agree to pay their own attorney fees. If a party decides to make a claim against Site, it must do so within one year from the date that supposed claim occurred. Notification of such claim shall be done in writing and sent via registered letter to
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These Terms govern the entire agreement between users and Site. Any user who via this site goes to someone else’s site, may be responsible to the terms and conditions of that site as well, but Yip Yak has NO responsibility or liability to its users once you leave the Site.

If any of these Terms are found to be in violation of any Federal, State or Local Law, that section of the Terms will be voided without any bearing on the rest of the Terms of this Site.

If any user has a dispute about any issue, they may send an email to

If any user is aware of any one violating any of these Terms, they may report such incidences to