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Safety Tips

Yip Yak is a Classified Ad web site. Yip Yak values the protection of all of our users. While we do our best to only allow honest and trustworthy sellers and buyers to use our site, we realize it is impossible to know the intent of all of our users. Therefore, we highly recommend you take careful precautions in all of your dealings and follow our suggested Safety Tips.

1) Be cautious to make sure ALL sellers have the exact products they are offering before paying.

2) Make sure ALL buyers have the ability to pay for products they agree to buy.

3) Use caution in visiting any third party websites that you may be directed to. These sites may take you away from the Yip Yak site and we cannot guarantee the legitimacy of these sites.

Keep in mind: Yip Yak does NOT guarantee the quality or availability of any product offered. Yip Yak does not guarantee the ability of any buyer to have the funds to pay for goods ordered.


1) Do NOT be pushed into making an immediate purchase or sale.
2) Use caution in dealing with ALL sellers and buyers and be thorough in determining the legitimacy of all offers.
3) Sometimes when a deal seems to good too be true…IT IS.
4) Use caution in visiting other third party websites, as they could contain malicious malware.
5) Don’t get lured into over payment schemes where people ask you to prepay funds to their shipping agents.

THIS IS THE INTERNET. Always use caution and discretion in all of your transactions and this can be a safe and valuable place for all users to come. And, if you find any user who does try to scam you or any other user, please email us immediately at