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About Us is an E Commerce business marketplace that sells Classified Ads to help bring buyers and sellers together for promoting new products, closeouts, special services and other great values in the medical industry. We try to find honest and trustworthy manufacturers and traders of a large variety of products to save buyers money, by allowing them to negotiate directly with sellers. 

As E Commerce trading continues to grow, the business world is transitioning to using more and more E Commerce as well. Yip Yak provides Sellers an easy way to promote their products and create an internet sales force. At the same time, it allows Buyers the opportunity to discover these new products and great values by having easy access to deal directly with the Sellers and negotiate directly with them for all their business needs.

The only fees Yip Yak charges are for the placement of ads. Yip Yak does not get involved in any negotiations or transactions that take place between the seller and buyer nor receive any fees for such transactions. Therefore, Yip Yak has NO liability for any issues that may arise between sellers and buyers. We are a Classified Ad web site for businesses.

While Yip Yak tries to only allow legitimate, honest sellers to post ads on our site and only allow honest buyers to negotiate with those sellers, care should always be taken in any transaction taking place. We highly recommend you read our Safety Tips guide. We also require all users to agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

We hope you enjoy using the Yip Yak marketplace and we welcome all of our users to send us feedback and suggestions about your Yip Yak experiences to We appreciate your help in making Yip Yak a better experience for all of our users.